Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders

Audrey Bell-Kearney, President GWC

Audrey Bell-Kearney

Audrey Bell-Kearney, The Unstoppable Force Driving Change.

Meet Audrey Bell-Kearney, a visionary leader who’s carving paths for women’s success. She stands as the Founder and President of the Gwinnett Women’s Chamber of Commerce, a powerhouse dedicated to empowering women as they embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. Her impact doesn’t stop there; she’s also the CEO of Noise Media Network, a transformative entity that crafts digital content, harnesses the power of AI, and weaves marketing magic to propel businesses forward.  She is the producer & host of Good Morning Gwinnett, which is the #hyperlocal podcast in Georgia.  As if this wasn’t enough, Audrey is also the founder of the Georgia A.I. Summit which will take place January 18-19, 2024 and the author of The AI Advantage: Fueling Small Business Growth By Leveraging Smart Tools & Artificial Intelligence

Audrey’s passion is infectious, fueled by a story of resilience and innovation. In 1999, as a single mom with a dream, she created a groundbreaking concept: plus-size fashion dolls, a representation of real beauty, and a challenge to the conventional norms set by Barbie. This vision came to life as Big Beautiful Dolls, LLC, marking the birth of a new doll dimension.

But Audrey’s journey didn’t stop at dolls. She ventured into the realm of media with her own newspaper, “Women In Business Today,” becoming a beacon for women entrepreneurs. Her influence extended to the airwaves, where she graced radio stations with her wisdom, landing her own show with the same empowering title.

Life’s twists took Audrey to North Carolina, where she boldly pitched a TV show idea, birthing “Women In Business Today TV,” showcasing her relentless determination. Fast forward to the present, and she’s captivating audiences as the host of “Talk Business With Audrey” and co-hosting the dynamic “GMG Presents The Friday Morning Mingle.”

Audrey’s voice reaches far and wide, crossing national boundaries. She’s been featured on prestigious platforms like national television talk shows and esteemed publications like Insight on Voyage Atlanta, Fox 5 TV in Dallas, and many more. Her influence knows no bounds.

Audrey’s not just a leader; she’s an author, a guide, a beacon for those who want to make their mark. Her books, including “What’s Your Big Idea? The Ultimate Guide For New Entrepreneurs,” “I Want To Write A Book Now What? AtoZ Of Self-Publishing,” and “Can They See You Now? Easy Video Marketing Even When You Hate Being On Camera,” serve as roadmaps for aspiring trailblazers. And her latest creation, “You Got Something To Say: The Simple Guide To Starting Your Own Podcast,” continues to light the path for those eager to take their voice to the world.

So, whether you’re tuning in to “Good Morning Gwinnett” on various platforms, exploring her shows on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Fire TV, or Amazon Alexa, Audrey’s impact is undeniable, her journey inspiring, and her commitment unwavering.

Georgette Taylor, Vice President GWC

Hello! My name is Georgette Taylor. I am the vice president and co-founder of Gwinnett Women’s Chamber of Commerce. I am a life coach, EFT Tapping Practitioner, Sexual Wellness Educator, podcast host & producer, doll inventor, mentor, mother of 2 sons, wife of 30 years and a lover of musicals, which I have to thank my mom for.

Dynamic Life Enterprise came about through my own personal journey of empowerment, of self-like, self-love and self-care which I am happy to say is still taking place.

I have always loved finding new empowerment tools and modalities for different areas of my life and during my self-empowerment journey I have had many bumps along the road in finding my true path, which many of you reading this may also relate to. 

What I started to realize was that I was really drawn to a few areas that brought me joy, they were affirmations, empowering words, EFT Tapping and Sexual Health & Wellness.