Resources & Tools

Resources & Tools

The Hubspot Website Grader is a free online tool that assesses the performance and effectiveness of a website in terms of SEO, mobile optimization, security, and other key metrics. It provides a comprehensive report with actionable insights for improvement.

With Enloop you can quickly create a complete business plan with text and financial forecasts that are generated for you. Your plans are maintained securely online so you can return and edit them anytime.

Enloop is a safe place to test your forecasts.

A cleaner inbox is just a click away!

Unroll.Me gives you the tools you

need to manage a cluttered mailbox

full of pesky subscriptions emails. Get rid of all that junk mail that’s clogging up your inbox.

Bring your team together

At the heart of Slack are channels: organized spaces for everyone and everything you need for work. In channels, it’s easier to connect across departments, offices, time zones and even other companies.

Employees who have gone through the process of completing traditional expense reports are well aware of the difficulties it entails. Meanwhile, administrators are all too familiar with the amount of time and effort spent on chasing down employees for receipts or other necessary information. Luckily, Expensify offers a solution that streamlines the expense reporting process through intelligent receipt scanning, effortless mobile expense tracking, and a convenient one-click reimbursement feature.

At GWC we are promoting a culture of continuous learning. We have partnered with Alison to provide a list of courses in different topics and categories relevant to your focus. Please follow the steps below to become a member of this page and learn to earn certificates!

1. Register by clicking the green button and sign-up for a free Alison learning account

2. Once registration is complete, enrol into the course by clicking on it.

3. You may enrol in as few or as many courses as you are interested in and begin learning.

This is a self-paced online learning platform – you learn at your own pace without deadlines, picking up where you last signed-off. Although you need an 80% to pass course assessment, you can repeat as many times as necessary to become an Alison graduate. Good luck and Be Empowered

Pixabay is an excellent resource for those who find themselves uninterested in the typical selection of free stock images found online. The images available on Pixabay offer a unique, indie aesthetic that sets them apart from the more generic look of traditional stock images.

Pictory is a visual storytelling platform that allows users to create and share interactive stories with photos, videos, and text.

It features a user-friendly interface and various customization options such as fonts, backgrounds, and layouts to enhance the storytelling experience. Pictory is offering GWC members a discount. It will be sent to you when you join.

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace that connects freelancers with clients looking for various services such as graphic design, writing, programming, and more. It offers a range of pricing options, from $5 to several thousand, and features a user-friendly platform with built-in communication tools and payment system.